The Meaning Of Life

what is the meaning of my life,
cause i don't understand the point of is,
i set wondering about my life,
it is a waste of time, or is there a point of is,
cause i think my life is pointless,
i live in a life with wonderful people,
but couldnt grow up with the person that brought me in this world

everyday i think what is the meaning of my life,
cause all im living with is sorrow in my heart and soul,
sometimes i wonder when am i goin to die,
cause that all im waiting for,
waiting for GOD to take my life,
so i can go be in a place where i can find happiness
im livng in an underground,where nobody can see or hear me
scream for help but no answer
i dream of me living in lightness,but it turned out to be darkness,

all i can see is me bein lost and confuse,
people see me as a girl who is always happy and smiling,
but deep down she's hurt and not happy,
again i keep asking myself what is the meaning of my life,
why is my life filled with sorrow,
why everybody i love change,
why am i in a world where people only care for themselves ,

i keep thinkin do i belong in this world,
why is my life pointless,
sometimes i just wish i was never born into a world with sorrow

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