The Meaning of Life

Take me for who I am
Not for what you see
There is more beneath the skin
Some hidden truths to me
I once was a charlatan
No bigger than a flea

Full of rage and discontent
My soul was away and out for rent
Heavy tariffs paid for the mistakes I made
That equal a life time's worth of penance
A warm touch with passion, I crave

The world is dark in light
It's burden stronger than might
Looming shadows haunt us all
Remind us of how we fall

Wake me, tell me I'm sleeping
Make this dream end, I'm not believing
Each day is made with regret and sorrow
What if the dream is real and I'm hollow

After all the castles are turned to dust
Do we all fade away to the molten crust
What's the point of this pain
To join the destiny of the slain

Do we ever see the end result
The pattern made from our blood
Does the mouse wheel ever halt
We drown in our pity, the second great flood

Maybe life is the dream
And death the waking
What does it all mean
Our existence is of the taking

As the years travel past
While our youth is forgotten
Nothing is meant to last
Even our bodies become rotten

This is the moment before it's real
The trial is almost over
The pain can now be healed
When our corpse is down under

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