The Meaning Of Life

My job is inspiring,
Sometimes breathtaking, 
It can also be depressing.
I enter a room
Full of lights.
A little girl in the operating table,
She was fine,
A little hurt.
But suddenly,
The smell of death was in the air
“She isn’t dead, she can’t be”
I jump on the operating table,
And start CPR
Surgeons pulling me down
“Call the time” I hear
I refused to
She wasn’t supposed to die,
But they killed two birds with one stone.
I call the time 
Rolling down in tears,
I was left all high and dry.
What can I do, 
How will I tell them.
I walk out the room,
Trying to get a hold of my self, 
I see people,
They are all waiting.
I try to tell them 
They don’t understand.
Out of the nothing 
A little girl walks in and screams 
“The vultures are here”
She walks out. 
They are all looking at me,
With a lost expression, 
My words have betrayed me,
“She left us, didn’t she”
Said the little girl’s mom 
“Yes,” that is all I could managed  to say,
She lets herself fall in the floor,
The tears swam in her eyes,
“I’m sorry” those were the last words I said 
And I walked away.

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