The Meaning of Names

Amanda- Lovable.
To be eternally kind.
To forever be a spring flower.
But, I am a Venus Fly Trap.

Meimei- Little sister.
The identity that marked my place.
To be sweet and innocent.
To submit myself to my family role.

Why are we condemned to such fate?
Labeled from birth as to who we are?
Growing into these personas,
Until they are a second skin?
To be branded without even a mark?

I'd rather be nameless.
No expectation or secret meaning.
No more branding.
No pressure to be a tree; when only a seed.
Atlas, I can't escape these chains.
For we are all bound to tradition.

Sweet and Kind.
The girl who is a lifeless doll.
A girl who despises who she is.
Who she was forced to become.

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