The Melody of Night

Where do I begin from?
Do I confess that I am in love ?
Do I speak of the one I love ?
Love, a beautiful lie yet a dark truth,
Seeping deep within the fragile mass of red
Soothes yet burns.
Often have I wondered about Nature’s lies-
A lie where bewitching nights creep upon
The void of my heart
Whom should I believe-
A fierce truth or a mellow lie?
As my eyes wander off into the caliginous sky
Keats and his words on ‘Fancy’ echoes.
Thoughts adrift with a cavernous yearning,
I stare high and revert
To that soft, intoxicating smile-
Like a pearl shining softly
in the heart of darkness.
How can someone not fall in love
With the enchanter who lulls the world?
And before I can fathom,
My eyes bid me adieu
And I open my heart instead,
Dancing a lone slow dance
amidst the song of the night
Under the beautiful white lie
With a barren and tired spirit
A cool ,moist peck leaves me in awe-
An evidence of ardour it is,
My amour – I can’t see him, yet
His soft unseen touch leaves me in tears-
Tears of ecstasy and torment,
His dulcet melody beneath the angelic ray
Sets the stage for both of us,
And thus the Ball begins at the stroke of midnight hour
With inebriating darkness as gentle as wine,
The saga of an immortal prince and a living princess-
Stars like muses play their divine lyres.
What do I do with my Divine prince ?
Can I have this moment forever ?
‘cause letting go is scary yet inevitable.
His cool kisses upon my warm tears
What other part of me am I going to lose to him
in this state of trance ?
Ending our dance with yet another balmy kiss,
A jovial yet empty feeling creeps inside
As he leaves with a false promise of return.
Oh! What do I do now that I am finally in love ?
And what do I do about my prince?
As I assuage my overwhelming sorrow,
I wonder how his seraphic castle is –
Cinderella’s ending isn’t for me
And so, I wait everyday staring into oblivion
Wondering – What is beyond?

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