The Memories

The hot air touches me like the sun shines through
The window
The wind blowing my hair through the glimmering sunshine
While I was playing through my memories
Thinking and waiting, that's when I notice
The hot colorful sun sat there waiting for me to run, dance
Outside in the blisterness of the day
But I just sat there thinking, thinking of him
How he always tucked me in, every night
Kissed my forehead when he held me in his arms
Help him wash his trucks in the boiling, bright days
The red shiny trucks like a bright waxed shiny apple
Oh how I miss all of the memories
The washing, the kissing, the tucking in
All of those memories gone and nowhere to be seen, anymore
Just like the wind blew all of that away
And I just stood there watching it happen like I couldn't do
Anything, just stood there frozen
Fades away one sweet moment at a time
Into the darkness, that holds mysteries
How much I wish he was here holding me in his arms again
Him waiting for me when I got home
To swing me around like he used to
He was, and always will be, my
Number one

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