The Mermaid’s Siren Curse

The Little kind and sweet,
She leaves the depths of the sea to rise above to the surface,
And sings her song of love and longing for the unknown,
As she sings and sings she hears a pulse,
The pulse of a human heart as loud as the strong crashing waves,
As well as the smell of fresh blood near the sunken ship remains,
Her inner female calls as she moves to the location the smell leads,
Once she gets there the Little Mermaid sees blood coloring the ocean,
And one man on a piece of a broken ship,
With deep cuts all over his body,
The Little Mermaid races over to the body,
And checks to see who this man is,
And it's the handsome sailor who passes by her grotto every month,
She shouts, " Don't die on me!" and knows that it's too late,
The only way for her to save him is with the song...the siren song,
And with this song is a curse to whoever sings it,
With that the Little Mermaid has a choice,
Save the human man of her affections,
Or let him die there
And stay in the underwater kingdom of Atlantica,
And so she sings her song,
A song that will bind not only their love for each other,
But also curses their love and their descendants forever,
The Little Mermaid chose her fate and knew of it well,
And when her fins faded she accepted her fate,
As well as the handsome man who awoke from the clutches of death,
And kissed his siren,
Sealing their fate for eternity.

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