The Middle Sibling

My name is Roy
I also go by G, and Biv
I’m just like everyone else
My angel wears white
However my devil wears black sort of like the Grim reaper
My name corresponds to my three sides
Roy is the bright, bubbly, and vibrant side of me
The joy and laughter spreads through others easily
And the dark, deceitful, depressing Biv stays hidden from the world
She consumes my mind
B is not for Biv but for blades and burns, bites and bruises
She experiences and causes nothing but pain and loneliness
A melancholy past, present, and future
A seemingly forgotten side
The middle sibling if you will to Roy and Biv is G
“Call me gray” she’ll say
She’s always lost in her own world
entrapped and consumed by her thoughts,
Contemplating everything in existence
She’s smart and cautious
with everything but her thoughts deep within her complex mind
Why are we the way we are?
Why do we do what we do?
Her thoughts run wild through her head
Everything moves in slow motion and she’s by herself but not alone.
Is there a God?
What about the Devil?
What if God were evil and the Devil was filled with grace and forgiveness?
I believe in God’s grace but so do many,
if it was so, we’d all be fools
What if Tate Langdon were real and I could be eternally, hopelessly in love with a ghost?
Maybe life is just a dream and when I wake I’ll be underground in decay
Gray makes you feel high in the clouds
the way Tim Burton or American Horror story would make you feel
Blissfully Disconnected
Side by side with a skeleton who sings and dances
Or one who is diligently and delicately painted onto the face of a lost boy
With a gun in his hand he feels as I do
Lost and pleasantly distant from reality
Far from sanity yet still sane
Gray makes you think you’re crazy when it isn’t so
Or maybe you are and you just don’t know,
or maybe you just refuse to believe it
Sometimes it’s good to let gray take control of you
Let you feel numb to the filthy goddamn helpless world
Especially to biv
Help you remember that Roy will never leave and she will always be there for you and others
Keeping you seemingly safe and sane
Until Gray returns

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