The Middle

I should be writing
Instead of throwing careless words around
I'm too tight for my verbs
And too loose with my nouns
I'm too disconnected to be conjunct
And too dejected to interject
I'm too apathetic to be hating
And too bitter for respect
I'm too cynical to have hope
And too hopeful to be a cynic
I'm too sick to not seek help
And too healthy for the clinic
It's too stormy for my shelter
I'm too sheltered to feel the storm
I'm sweating when it's cold out
And freezing when it's warm
I'm too short in my word count
And too wordy in my prose
I'm too skinny to be built well
And I'm too tight in my clothes
I'm too low to be high
And too high to be low
In the middle is where I grew up
And in the middle is where I'll grow.

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