The Midnight Dance

The night was cold,
The stars shone brightly
She whispered his name
Ever so slightly.

The sweetest of touches,
The softest of sighs,
They danced for hours
Under beautiful skies.

No music was heard,
No band could be seen,
But none of that mattered,
To the king and his queen.

With time running thin
As the sun slowly rose,
The couple stopped moving,
The whole scene froze.

The king stood stiffly,
Gently caressing her cheek.
Despite the clear weather,
All the world seemed bleek.

When morning arrived,
His love would be gone,
The deal was one night,
Then he'd be alone.

Her time there was over,
Her young life cut short.
It was a natural death
That the king could not thwart.

He begged and he pleaded
To see her sweet face once more,
So back to him she was given,
For one night his again to adore.

Now that night was over,
There was nothing left to do,
But to say his good byes,
And swear to always be true.

When the sun hit her skin,
She glowed with a brilliant light
And he let out a cry
As she disappeared from sight.

In just a single second
He lost her to the heavens above.
His hands still tingled
From the touch of his love.

Forever from him she was gone,
But forever with him she'd stay.
Tucked safely in his heart
Where she could never fade away.

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