The Midnight Drunk

Lying uneasy in my bed,
I stare up at the glow-in-the-dark stars plastered on the ceiling.
There is no way I can sleep tonight,
The angry voice of my father sneaks up through the vent.
I hear his hurried footsteps stumbling up the stairs,
His footsteps disappear into the bedroom; too soon,
I hear them again; they've reduced to a shuffle;
I wonder why he's slowed; I remember the gun, discovered by accident.
I know what he possesses; I crawl out of bed,
I tiptoe to the door, peer out of the crack at the bottom,
The yellowish glow blinds me;
The carpet's synthetic fibers hug my cold feet, I lie on the floor.
I see his feet, I see him walk back down the stairs,
I hear my mother's scream.
I open my door, uncertain of what I'm doing,
Adrenaline racing through my veins.
I step out into the hall; I hear my father's voice.
I stand for a second, glance at the red and gold barred wallpaper;
I feel the same, trapped, unsure of what to do-
Slowly I turn around,
Enter back into my room, I won't sleep tonight.
I close the door.

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