The Mind

The mind.
A place of intelligence and torment,
A place where ones soul disappears.
It is destrructive and it's enlightened,
It's passtionate but distant.
It is unknown.
The mind.
Can decipher, but may bot understand.
It's thoughts go beyond, but stays in one place.
Fire within the sea of contempt,
A storm with no sound,
Crys for help, but is not heard
Lonely, but surrounded by many.
The mind.
Surpases all understanding,
Can make one go insane
Run the body of a singke being
Works night and day until it's time is near.
The mind.
Will not be heared unless made to be heard,
Memories that will never be photographed,
Thoughts that can not be downloaded,
Lost in a sea of thought,
Lost beyond the earth beneath,
Lost beyond the eyes can see.
The mind.

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