The Mind is a Sea

The mind is a sea??

All alone with my thoughts tonight
I drown in the ocean of my mind
Restlessly searching for something,
Hope they call it
Not really sure if it exists
But I’m determined to find it
I believe it’s a simple red rose
With droplets of mist coating its perfect petals
It floats amongst the ocean
Never going under, unaffected by the rainfall
it begins to rain over this ocean
It’s called the Dark, and has many forms
There’s one called Rage and Despair
That one is a cloudless storm filled with
Stratus and Mammatas as they gleefully
Pursue the magnificent Ocean
Then there is Loneliness
She is accompanied by no one and nothing
But I suppose she doesn’t need anything
Here the sky darkens even as it isn’t night
And the clouds disappear for they want nothing to do with
The silent storm that approaches
And it is this storm that most often fills my mind
There is not much room for thoughts here
Not much room for anything
It’s quite lonely.

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