The Mind Of A Heart

Why would you think ill chase after your love, if it didn't matter ?
This substance ,subtracts thoughts,while this smoke delays tears.
Cheers!cheers!cheers! Intoxicated,uneducated.
I feel like a angel that never made it.
Constipated,haven't pooped or slept in days,
Weeks since i took my last shower.
Room smell like degree and baby powder,
fresh fruit that turned sour and the floor full of debris.
Full of Drafts i rewrite ever hour.
Main subject how much i hate and miss you

I Close my eyes and fall in love with you then I Open my eyes,
and realize this pillow I'm kissing isn't you.Sad but true
i hate this feeling that i "HAD" you.These the thought that kills.
Seem like me and the devil making deals.All this hard liquor,and
my harsh agenda Of skipping meals,and these prescription pills.

I'm heavenly medicated,high,at my most high,
suicide,premeditated,i would,but heaven is pretty gated
And i wont get in if i'm really hated.Another night i made it,
but for what?I cant get past this,so man memories on that mattress.
Most night i sleep on the floor.I close my eyes,and picture US ,
but only get (negatives) a (frame) of mind ,this frame of mine,
i still want u i this frame of mine,this love of mine,do u mind
loving me,this on last time. Time,time,the hands on the clock
Is choking me.They way we going,in a few months
you wont even notice me.Can't see me,ova ya new man
arm,wont even care if i stair.Naw im not crazy,but im getting their .

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