The Mind of an Empty Soul

thinking so heavy on an empty mind
sitting in a dark room with the doors closed
lying down thinking about life and suicide
my sweat drops off my face and into my thighs
these lies, no wonder
thinking to myself, what an empty world
living in an empty home with covered windows
I refuse to wear that makeup stuff, I'll be hiding my disguise
my disguise shall become hidden
this suicide world we live in
makes me think about doing it myself
hmm, what should I use?
a knife, a gun, or choke myself?
even if I chose to do it does that mean I made a deal with the devil?
these things that teens think in their empty minds
come with a side effect, such as an empty soul
sitting in my room thinking even harder
if I was smarter, would my mother love me even harder?
if I was beautiful would anyone love me?
I'm just a teen that thinks about being dead
that thinks about hell a lot
does that make me Gothic?
what can I say, I don't pray
so why hasn't God taken me away?
maybe he wants me to keep suffering
in this dark room with covered windows
or is it the fact that
I'm already in hell in my mind?

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