the mind of God

Einstein was trying
To open the doors to God’s mind
Sleepless nights spent in creative daze
And mornings filled with despair
Years of digging deeper and deeper
With bare hands of his mind
Brought him as close as a man was allowed
To come to the mystery of creation
One night he saw the God
Suspended in creative frenzy
Sitting on the edge of galaxy
For the whole six days
Pulling strings of DNA
There was moment of light
And the colors emerged from the
Gray darkness of primal higs field
And shapes taking forms
Of planets and suns
But the biggest mystery of all
And the pinnacle of creation was
The first beat of a heart
Which was getting louder and louder
Till the whole heavenly string orchestra
Of living universe achieved crescendo
In one big elegant movement
Of the hand of the cosmic conductor
The whole universe emerged from nothingness
And vibrated in unison and expanded
Till it became whole in six days
God sat there immersed into his own
Deepest creative oblivion
For the whole six days
Of his own time in his hands
Einstein was the first one to understand
That the time in God’s hands
Has a different texture
And the fabric of the cosmos
Stretches in any direction
Or squeezes into nothingness
Disappears and reappears
In God’s mind
In his own time

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