The Mirage of Shay

I'm not an adjective.
I'm not the hairstyle that I wear.
I'm not the glasses that I constantly push up on my face.
I'm not my face.

I am a person.
I am a creation.
I am lovely.

Yet, I make myself the hairstyle I wear,
the glasses that I push up on my face.
I make myself an image and not a part of me,

that phantom in the corner,
that image that resembles a face.
But it hasn't been a face in a long time.
That was months ago,when I was a person and not a puppet,
years ago, when I had a voice to speak.

Now, all that remains is a mere shadow,
a silhouette that never follows its body.
All that's left is just a dark figure,
being stepped on everyday by strangers.
All that lingers is merely a vision that can be
stretched and shrunken but never touched.

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