The Mirror

It was a beautiful mirror
the glass surface smooth and sleek
It reflected everything around it but didn't know what it was
You came along and saw your reflection
The mirror didn't like the way you looked in it
but you did
You took it home and hung it high on the wall
Your cold crystal eyes stared deep into its depths
as you chipped away at its beauty
frozen still as you tore it down
the lavender-scented candle burned out
as you knocked it to the ground
You left with no goodbye as it lay with broken pieces all around
shards of rigid glass surround the intricate bent frame
They found the pieces on the floor and took them away
For months they tried to put together the pieces
They were deeply cut by the sharp edges
When will they succeed?
When will the mirror be beautiful again?
There will always be cracks
from when you left it shattered on the floor

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