The mirror biography

No dignity, only money / No democracy, only minority
No right decisions, only profits / No justice, only laws
No freedom, only transgression / No rights, only illusions
No convincement, only manipulation / No ethics, only politics
No leaders, only followers / No choice, only vote
No listening, only hearing / No beauty, only fashion
No agreement, only nod / No peace, only war hunger
No power, only bullying / No equality, only discrimination

Few honest, many hypocrites
Few speakers, many talkers
Few intellects, many fools
Few patriots, many traitors
Few saints, many deceivers
Few knights, many cowards

A little kindness, A lot of cruelty
A little passion, A lot of greed
A little clarity, A lot of ambiguity
A little love, A lot of hatred
A little forgiveness, A lot of vengeance
A little sympathy, A lot of pretending
A little judging, A lot of prejudging

Open minded vs. Small minded
Mature vs. Immature
Expert vs. Inexperienced
Right vs. Wrong
Human vs human
We vs. ourselves

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This Poems Story

as human beings we are simply toolmakers. but what was and is our nature? have we learned throughout history that what is wrong or what is right? or are our lives merely a Deja vu?