The Mirror of Depression

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
A girl: brown hair, brown eyes, a little bit chubby
But how can you not know
That behind her two dimpled smile is a life full of woe
Getting along with her family? That's always rare
To cover that up, she dyed her hair
Physically and emotionally abused by ex best friend
He changed who she was just by the fist of his hand
He was a football player, she couldn't protect herself
She hid it, thinking it was good for emotional health
She's scared to go home when it's the least bit dark
Afraid he's lurking, trying to leave a physical mark
Her depression and anxiety are off of the wall
But nobody can tell when she walks in the hall
Ask if she's okay? She always says "of course"
But she only says that because she feels forced
She already feels sort of different
Discovering a weakness makes her feel inefficient
Her tears fall easily, she thinks it has no explanation
Maybe her life of sadness made a "tear accumulation"
She feels kind of stuck, nowhere to go
Her depression has her chained, she feels every woe

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