The Mirror

When you look in a mirror, what do you see?
Is it you that you see?
Or is it who you want to be?
When you look into that mirror, who do you see?
Do you see yourself as you do, or as others do?
Or as free as can be?
What you want to change can always be changed
When you look into that mirror and say,
"I don't want to be this way."
When you see your reflection, don't hate others for what they say.
When you see yourself in that mirror, don't blame yourself.
Looking at oneself can always be a challenge,
But it's not what you see, but what's on the inside.
Look in your heart and soul and see the truth.
Don't seclude yourself into that tiny booth.
You see yourself and you're disgusted,
But look deeper and harder, and tell everyone what you see.
Shout it out loud, at the top of the world,
"I am who I am."
Be who you are,
And be the best you that you can be.

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This Poems Story

I started writing poetry for my children's literature class. My instructor told the class to write a poem. When I read mine aloud, everyone in the class loved it. So, I tried my hand at writing some. "The Mirror" is the second poem I wrote. I asked a couple of instructors, my girlfriend, and friends to read them. Due to their input, I submitted my poem. I want to thank my friends and instructors who helped encourage my poetry-Mr. Zrinyi and Mr. Lawrence, my girlfriend Sarah, and of course my sister, mom, and dad. Thank you, everyone, for your support.