The Missed Appointment

The occasions came and went
The flowers grew and died
The seasons ravished and past
But the Sea stormed without calm
When I kept missing appointment after appointment,
I got so tired of letting people down
Because I didn’t show up for no reason
I was a lost soul with no energy left
In the midst of such a mess…
I started keeping my appointments with God,
And that was the best thing I ever did
The door was open,
So I went in
For the hearts made of true stone,
The Heavens hold the Holiest of appointments
The occasions would come and go
The flowers would grow and die again
As the seasons would ravish and past forevermore
But the Sea would finally start to calm
This would be why I urge
To never give up
Life goes on
Whenever a lost soul gets found,
So does a little chunk of the Universe

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