The missing lamp

I am not sure how I am still alive
After drinking that cup of love
I am not sure how I am still sane
After drinking that cup of poison
That cup which upon siping will enslave you for lifetime, yet
That cup which upon siping will grant you a happiness of lifetime
Oh if I was wise and had listen to those who had drank before me of that cup I wouldn’t have been here
I wouldnt have lost that joyess playful lad that once live in thy heart
How I’d give the world for that joyess playful lad
For that lad and only that lad can bring light into thy dark cold world
The world which there is no day only cold dark nights
Oh how I search throughout the busy world filled with little dim lights for my bright lamp yet the only light I see is emulating brighter than the sun is from the castle of the evil witch who had once fed me from that cup
What does one do who has come in the cross path of life
Live in the dark lonely world as a freeman
Live in the bright glamorous castle as a prisoner
What does one do what does one do
Does one learn to become a robber to rob others lights, to become a sucker to suck others energy, to become feeder to feed others from thy cup, to become a lover and to love other but how can one be a lover when one can’t love thy self
Oh how I pray and I pray and I only pray to you the one and only the creator of the ups and downs, heavens and hells, light and dark, righteousness and ratchetness, yesterday and today, today and tomorrow, life and death, love and hate, to free my light from that witch or free my body from this earth for I’m just a empty vessel with no soul roaming the endless road of life don’t know where it’s taking me but I pray to you, I pray to you and only you to give me the light so I can see again
What will you lose? Noting
It’s as if a drop of water is given from the ocean or a grain of sand is give from the desert so I ask you again what will you lose oh divine one

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