The Mist

Moving forward into the future .
Moving forward into the unknown that awaits me .
In this unknown there is a mist .
In the midst of this mist I hear an echo .
And this echo bring fear , doubt that surrounds me .
In the midst of this echo I turn back from the mist .
But in the midst of the mist i hear a still small voice .
In the midst of this still small voice I am serene .
In the midst of this new found serenity revelation .
In this revelation I halt , turn back into the mist farther .
In this revelation I am touched deep within my soul .
In this revelation I gain insight .
In this insight I attain knowledge .
With this knowledge I gain power .
My power gives me dominion .
Dominion makes me master of my surroundings .
This unknown is no longer a mist , but plain to see .
For god illuminates our way .

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