The Mistakes Laid in History

i was forced to fake a smile for about 5 years ,
then i learned it's not worth hurting myself over the same things,
just because you weren't there for me
doesn't mean i should be the one in pain,
I've learned I'm better without you ,
I've learnt to be strong even when you weren't for me,
because of you I'm the girl i am today ,
how does that feel to transform your daughter into a monster mom,
a out cast, a broken piece of glass that you never picked up ,
you just let it lay there,
on the ground wearing shoes to protect yourself,
not being brave to pick that small piece up,
for that you have damaged yourself for not being strong,
only caring about yourself,
i will not be the tragedies of your sins and regrets ,
i will be something you could never be to me a mature adult,
once something is done,
there's always a mark in history that can't be healed or removed,
you must live with the regrets you've made ,
i see it in your eyes every time i see you screaming
" i can't forgive myself,
i can't own up to the mistakes that have been laid in history".

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