The Mistress

Early on in our marriage,
my husband brought home a mistress.
She was adorable at the time
and I thought we would be friends.

Turns out,
she only had eyes for him.
She listened to his every wo rd
and obeyed all his demands.

The mistress and I
fought like siblings.
She was quite aloof with me
but she adored my husband.

She was really quite large.
I called her Biggie.
And she had a large atti tude.
I called her Miche lle (like Obama).

The mistress met my husband
each morning on the back patio.
She carried on and on
like a drama queen.

She stared me down through the window
while I was cooking.
He showed her privileges
no one else could have.

At times I was jealous.
They had a special bond.
But there was love for both of us
and only I slept in his bed!

As she grew old,
she lost her youthful beauty.
She became needy
and he took care of her.

He buried his mistress
in the back yard.
We both cried,
but he misses her the most.

RIP Katie
Nov. 4, 2005 - March 8, 2020

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