the misunderstood

i was a drop of water
accepted into a group of flames
they danced their terrible dances with dark

liquid in their arms
in their eyes they held a place
for me, not to fear not to judge and absolutely

not for me to dance.
maybe i was a cirrus cloud passing by
wispy, clean. apart from their blazing storm

which they experience
all too often. i didn’t see them all dirty
like ashes, but i saw my friends as stars burning

painfully bright and pulsating
with a need for something which set me apart from them,
i didn’t need for anything so bad that i itched for it, let myself blaze

on fire for it, no
but i did understand them.
the humanity in the flames, eyes piercing through asking

how can i go back, and
waiting for the answer while telling
me, “these needles aren’t ever for you.”

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Tags : addiction, friendship, loss, drugs
Key Words : addiction, friendship, loss, drugs,

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