The Mockingbird

As a graceful angel's tune,
Or a siren's enchanting song
From the latest late to the soonest soon
His notes ring all day long
From the early morning dawn
To the dusk of evening's dark
Until the sun's trail is gone
He will leave his merry mark
His melody so sweet
His echoing voices might
His wings majestic beat
When his feathers bring him flight
Listen to a song you've heard!
Listen to the song of the mockingbird:
"Look! Look! The sun has just risen
Earth is awake, free from its prison
Awake, awake! The shadows have fled
The heaven's are smiling; we have no dread
Sing! Sing! Sing all day
Until the light fades away"
Once the sun no longer burns
And the lunar ghost of night returns
It is time to sleep
Though he may weep
Until the luminous sun appears
To dry his distressed tears

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