The Mold of Society

Go ahead and judge

I'm not worried about my reputation getting a smudge

All these guys be rapping wrong

About girls in thongs and friends smoking a bong

All that ain't important when it all boils down

There aren't a lot of second chances floating around

Earn a little respect

Let your integrity take affect

Because if you wanna be remembered for what you used to be

Don't come around crying to me

Regret what you didn't do, not what you did

Seal off your regret like a container with a lid

You gotta stand out or people won't see you

You gotta make something of yourself or people won't wanna be you

Let your actions speak in place of your words

Sometimes actions are the only thing really heard

Live a life you take pride in

Find something to confide in

If you want to be moved then get off your ass and move

Don’t wait for anybody else to approve

Sometimes nobody will appreciate what you do

But you do it anyways for the few that acknowledge you

Live it up and don't be afraid of the edge

Sometimes it all begins when you fall off that ledge

Let your wings take flight and feel the air

And when you're ready feel free to share

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