The Moment of Realization

When a ten nanometer virus knocked our nose,
Little did we realize it could conquer our lungs,
Very little did we realize it could take away our breath,
Extremely hazy that we realize it could potentially knockdown Humanity.
One life at a time, One life at a time,
Slowly it piled up corpses like ants building anthill,
Until "Developed " nations realized it is dangerous than a missile,
Little did they heed to the warning of scientists.
When people were busy balancing economy,
The virus decided to go on a world tour,
Yikes, it's itinerary included the most iconic destinations on this planet.
Alas! The virus began it's rampage
It was least bothered to realize the difference,
Between the rich and the poor,
Between a developed nation and a developing nation,
Between a wise old man and an innocent baby,
Between an elite society and a deprived society,
Crossing borders of nations, religions,
It encroached its evil arms across the quiet "Blue Planet"
Then came the grim situation of realization,
Powerful countries realizing missiles and warships are worthless before human lives,
Authoritative leaders realizing how vulnerable their citizens are,
Business tycoons realizing how brittle their economy is,
"Gifted" doctors realizing they have to chose who should survive,
And the list goes on, until Humanity realizes the power of Mother Earth.

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