The Monotonous Cycle via Covid-19


My eyes were open, but not seeing.
My mind was an endless combination of people,
And regrets.
Unable to focus on a single thought,
I felt my soul depart from my being.
I watched myself break from the outside, watching a movie
I couldn’t draw myself away from.
I felt it deep within me,
From my brutal core,
To my cheeks, stained with countless tears.
Countless days spent locked in a shell of my being,
Staring at the wall,
Eyes open, but not seeing.
My future no longer lies in my hands,
for as I’ve always feared, I’ve lost control.
I began this crusade as an innocent young woman,
too arrogant to realize the world belonged solely
to mother nature, not myself.
Have faith in me, for this is how I survive.
You may slap my face in greed and hellacious cynics,
but you will never take my mind and soul
My scars shall fade and I will remain fighting.
This is my battlecry and only the beginning.

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