The Monster

By Sam Day   

Nature, innocent and serene. If only it were to remain.

Humanity progresses and progresses and progresses and progresses.
We consume and consume and consume and consume.
We want more and more and more and more.
The innocence is gone,
replaced only by the desire of perceived expansion of knowledge.

They say that war, guns,and machines have all moved us forward,
but where are we going?
We keep moving "forward" in a path that no one can see,
but they could see.

Nature, innocent and serene. If only we could stay this way.
Let us inspire, let us help, let us remain.
Please, is what they scream.
Yet, we expand and expand and expand and expand.
The accomplishments we achieve make us forget.

In conquering monsters too numerous to count,
we shield ourselves from the monster that we have become.

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