The Monster Called Depression

I sit in the corner like an old ragdoll
Waiting for someone to see what’s wrong
But do they oh do they see how much
I’m suffering inside do they see these scars on my arms?
Do they see how much I hurt? How much this
Horrid illness has taken from me.

I see it every day I feel it everyday
But I put this mask on so they do not see
For I do not wish to go to another hospital
To another home I wish this was all over
But I’m too scared to die let alone try.

I’ve just been waiting ever so patiently
For this to end but not by my hand
Maybe another’s? For I am too scared to die
That I will not try for I will miss living
Too much but most of the time I don’t see
The point but I do not want to hurt anymore

My mother can’t see how much It hurts me
Every time she asks why I would make
These scars on my arms. If only she knew
It is because of this illness that I cannot help.

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