The Monster Inside

Im starting to give up, im starting to shut down,
I want to smile, but im stuck with this frown
My mind is racing, im trying to erase
But i cant let go, im stuck in this space
Its created a monster, a devil in me
All the negative in life is all i can see
I can not fight this, im losing control
Its grasped on tight, its got a complete hold
When i close my eyes, it only gets worse
It plays off my fear, my pain is its thirst
The monster gets bigger, theres no turning back
courage and strength are things that i lack
Its eating away, my whole heart and my soul
Im tired and weak, its taking its tole
Theres one way out, which im scared to do
These meds are not working, im still feeling blue
I feel all alone, not one person around
My heart hurts so bad, its starting to pound
The monster is winning as im losing all hope
He knows i cant do it, i dont know how to cope

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