The Monster They Created

Don't let me fall,
don't let me hit the ground.
This is just a sick game
between the lost and found.
"Nobody loves you!" they scream,
"nobody cares!" they shout.
All the while
you're just looking for a way out.
Blades cut you open,
while knives slice your heart.
Hate will always surround you,
as your world falls apart.
So you let go,
you want it to end.
You act like your demons aren't there,
you close your eyes and pretend.
The scars on your body tell us,
what no words can explain.
When your tears fall down,
the anger pours out like rain.
Spineless cowards they are,
not sticking around to see.
They run like children,
away from the monster you turned out to be.

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