The Monster Under My Bed

Her words were spoken with mockery
the air around me thickened with concealed anger
A short breath of the contaminated air filled my lungs...
as my soul erupts like a wild fire.
As my words like a dragons breath spill out of my mouth,
they destroy any chance of peace.
The repeating sound of her disappointment echoes in my ears
they continue to...
she hits me.
she hit me, the woman who promised to always love me.
She hit me, and it felt like,
breathing in smoke after walking through a field of daises
She hit me, with the force of mother nature in the palm of her hand.
She hit me, and the blue eyes I once knew
were now just pools of water for me to drown in.
As I realize that the mere sight of me was her daily inconvenience
I don't know this woman.
I block out the memories of someone who once cared
and now couldn't even look her child in the eye.
And I watched as the woman who was once my mother,
changed into the monster under my bed.
As I, an unwanted child, now saw her mother in her night mares.

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