The Montana Plains

The Montana Plains are calm at the first glance,
But take a closer look and you'll see its quite busy,
A rattlesnake hisses and rattles,
A herd of antelope graze over a field filled with prairie dogs,
The prairie dogs start yelping in excitement,
As new creature appears on the horizen,
The creature stalks down a hill quickly followed by a few others,
An antelope pricks up its ears,
It sniffs for a minute before starting to run off,
It's soon followed by many others,
Off in the distance a lone coyote's song could be heard,
The creatures walk past the old barbwire fences,
They walk under the great open sky,
As a thunderstorm gathers in the distant mountains,
They walk over the ground where a once proud people lived,
They miss the fine details while they think of the calm plains

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