The Moon and Her Followers

I am the moon that hides behind a smoky screen,
partially hidden in the dark.

Secrets get passed from lips to lips under my light,
and I collect them all.

Night after night, humans call to me.
They wish, they dream, they love.

I touch them, but all I see is my reflection staring back at me.
When I cry, they collect my tears in glass jars.
They collect it as if it will help them on their journey, but it won't.

I tell the humans to follow the sun, for she shines brighter,
but for some reason the few never leave my side.

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This Poems Story

The moon has always seemed magical and mysterious to me. At night when I stare up at her I feel comforted but when I wrote this poem I wondered how the moon would feel. Being alone in the sky doesn't seem all that fun.