The Moonlight

I remember the day that I was afraid
The day that Hope ran away
In her arms was my heart
That she had taken from the very start
There was a fire in my heart that day
The day she looked my way
She blew me a kiss
That I made sure not to miss
The love was sweet but not meant to last
But that is all in the past
My heart is gone now that she stole it away
And now it's time that I must sway
From the branch that's high in the air
As I drop I will have no care
1, 2, 3
Then that's it for me
But as I'm about to drop
A voice calls out that tells me to stop
Hope appears and in her arms is my heart, but something's new
My one heart is now made of two
This must mean our love is not done
So this means there is no need to run
And as the moon comes out to play
I realize that Hope is here to stay

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