The most Detrimental African today

The most dangerous African today
Is not armed with a gun or blade
But with a mindset of oppression
Of colonization deeply ingrained

They have internalized the lies
Of their conquerors long past
Believing they are inferior
Their heritage will never last

Their soul is shackled by chains
Of self-hatred and doubt
They have forgotten their roots
Their culture they've cast out

They bow to the white man's rule
Without question or protest
They deny their own identity
Their spirit they suppress

They oppress their own people
In the name of progress and gain
They betray their ancestors
Their heritage they disdain

The most dangerous African today
Is not the one with a weapon in hand
But the one who has been colonized
By the conquerors' oppressive demand

So let us break free from this curse
Let us embrace our true selves
Let us reclaim our power
And break free from our colonial shelves

For the most dangerous African today
Is the one who is colonized within
But we have the power to rise
And let our true freedom begin.

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