The most lonely planet

By Daiah   

A place without daytime, a space with no light. A dot in the universe beyond human sight.
You revolve around nothing, there is no room for anything to surround you.
Without entry for air, you are a would be vacuum.
Built by self-centred Ness your ruler is pride. So narrow is your view, you are shaped like the letter I.
Correction is offensive, change is a relic. Pluto maybe distant but unlike you, isn't rigid.
The atmosphere of Venus is what you are on the inside. Holding on to your past so tight you let your future die.
A forbearance of silence but a mind with thoughts that are more fierce than Jupiter's storms.
The solitude you claim as a strength maybe a weakness that will keep you out of Happiness's orbit.
One thing is undeniable damage has been done but if you let go of the hurt that holds you, you will shine like the sun.

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    This Poems Story

    The \"planet\" is a metaphor of what I think we become when we hold on to grudges.