The Most Precious Gem

Ever wondered what's the most precious gem?
It's not diamond, it's not ruby,
It's not something so expensive;
It's something very exclusive.
It's none other than your own mother.
She carried you in her womb for nine months,
without even complaining for once.
The day you first cried,
She smiled.
She gave you all her food,
Just to ensure your stomach was full.
She stayed awake all night,
Just to ensure you slept tight.
She scolded you and when you cried,
In the dark, she cried.
In your happiness, she found joy.
In your sadness, she found sorrow.
You ignored her but she loved you,
Always, to the fullest.
So don't look for it hither and thither,
When in your home is your own mother,
The most precious gem of all times.

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