The Mother

I am vast as the seas
I'm the whales to anemones.
I'm a small trickling brook
and the fishes in a nook
I am water Earth.
I am as thunderous as storms
I'm the white cloud forms.
I'm a breeze through your hair
and the birds in the air
I am windy Earth.
I am a blazing inferno
I'm a warm candle aglow.
I'm a tiny ember spark
and a campfire at dark
I am fire Earth.
I am as wonderful as redwood trees
I'm the flowers and honeybees.
I'm the grain of sand on the beach
and the sandy dunes under the hot rays' reach
I am nature Earth.
I am a heart that's caring
I'm nurturing and sharing.
I'm giving to all living things
and the peace that love brings
I am Mother Earth.

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