The Mt. Airy House Party 2012

By Da Poet   

Torn at the very fabric of my soul some thirty-eight long years ago,
now that I’m aging like a horse put out to pasture that’s grazing,
I find it equally amazing that once again I find you.

Not circumstance, not by chance, did this romance evolve.
A well thought out plan isn’t how this began, is was more like a
jigsaw puzzle to be solved. It was a special invitation from (Winter) a
mutual relation that cause us to even get involved.

Looking back with hindsight my heart gave flight, as I gazed upon
your lovely face that night. I remember I waited, and then hesitated
before I spoke a word at all.

For years I’d heard the Mount Airy party was like none other, and to
attend I would find and yet discover, old friends and acquaintances,
but instead I found my long lost lover.

After thirty-eight years of heartbreak and tears, I had not heard,
nor uttered word, it seemed a cardinal sin, to search high and low
ever so slow to think we could reunite again.

But fate had its way, and now we’re okay, it’s great we’re once again
friends. But, wait it gets better with every letter, now we’re married
that’s all, the end.


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