The Mud Hole

Oh, the lowly, little mud hole
Standing full of water,
Dirty looking mud hole,
Tempting son and daughter.
To birds, it is a bird bath
For drinking and for bathing.
For kids, it is temptation-
A lovely place for wading.

To some, it is a puddle,
Whether it is big or small,
To boys it can be an ocean
To play in 'till Mother's call.
A little girl so dainty
Will look at it and grin,
Then look around for Mommy,
And splash! She's jumping in!

A Labrador Retriever
Thinks a puddle is just great,
The water in it will be alright,
If he's not near a lake.
The water in a mud hole
Will reflect the trees and sky
So even we can see beauty
When we are passing by.

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This Poems Story

Poetry has always fascinated me. I started writing poems when I was in elementary school and have continued ever since. One of my dreams is to one day publish a book of my poems. I write poems about nature, religion, and just plain, whimsical things, such as "The Mud Hole." I also write monologues about and then portray Biblical characters. Sometimes, I write skits about nonsensical characters that will convey a message about a person's character and how dumb you will look if you act like that. I am even attempting to write a children's book.