The Music of Life

I heard the music of life one day
I saw, felt and heard it too
I spoke to it and found it beside me
All around and inside me
In fact, I was the music too
Which played then and now
And that which will continue to play
The flesh I reside in will die one day
But the music will go on
In the form of the rocks of the earth
Or as those of the planets and meteors around
Or perhaps as gases in the stars of galaxies far beyond

I thought life was depressing until that day
Depressingly beautiful is now what I know it to be
The music of the universe has no purpose
And yet, there is no meaning without it
What happiness and sadness I perturb myself with
What success I seek and failure I fear
When all is just the music of life
To be experienced as it is
Because it is what it is
A beautiful mystery to be lived in full.

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