The Music Of Silence

I close my eyes and at once its mute echo chimes
I listen and interpret the lush lilting lyricism
Of nature's sultry emerald chanteuse
As the chorus of everyday cacophony subsides a subtler sonnet is crafted
And upon the lyre of thoughtful psyche a cord profound is struck

I open my heart to the wordless whisper of Creation's vital hymn
I fete my soul and intuit the soft sensual throb
Of infinity's passionate pulse
I clear my mind of mundane traffic to yield a higher concentration expansion
That the exquisite rhapsody of hush may be relished without clutter's jam

I close my eyes and its womb of calm envelops me
Content I reside at the aphonic court of its vast placid empire
The eloquent serenade of its sublime soundless concert steeps me in its solace
The still deep music of silence the sweet unbroken score
Of Pax's savored measure

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