The Mute Girl

She is the mute girl, she cannot talk
"So what?" she thought furiously. "So what?
So what if I cannot speak or make meaningless noise?
If I tell people things without speaking,
If I do not make noise but have meaning."

They call her a duckling, but she is a swan.
"So what if I am the mute girl?" she thought,
In a flare of passion and fury and love and anger,
Maybe people couldn't see those feelings
Maybe the intensity would send them reeling

But if you looked closer, desperation clear in her eyes
Desperation to be heard, to be felt, to be understood
Yet they would not understand because
She is the mute girl, she cannot talk
They understand the pull of books and fairy tales
They understand the need for images and details

Maybe they would scoff, and maybe they would read on
"But so what? So what if I am the mute girl?
If they can understand stories that do not make noise.
Maybe they'd understand one more story," she thought
With all the same passions and fervor as before.
And the mute girl wrote her story down.

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