the m(you)sic of life!

you may not believe in life’s magic
but don’t you think it’s strange!
the amount of matter in our universe
has never slightly changed!

the happiness and chimes of laughter
memories made and the feelings felt forever after!

all the atoms labelled worries in life
who’ve ever longed ceased to roam!
may now walk out of your path
calling someone’s crooked smile their home!

sadness, oh! another test of wisdom?
shining the way past each as plexiglas prism

all that completes you today
was once a part of something more
and every breath you breathe
has seen it all before!

perspective, believes and thoughts all put at stake
labelled as risks to take in years to cross forsake

so the next time you feel lonely,
or the universe makes you feel small
just know that, it’s a part of you and you’re a part of it all!

block out all unwanted sounds, let life roll along
hear only the music that fits your song!

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