The Mysteries of the Sea

While swimming in the deep blue sea, a seahorse heard a scream.
He looked around, trying to locate the cause.
the noise had no origin.
Curiosity had overwhelmed him.
As he looked about another scream came from the depths.
Following the cries, not keeping track of his path.
When he realized he lost his way, it had become too late to go back.
It began to get darker, with no real cause.
Attempting to swim upward, he seemed to stay in place
Almost as if time had froze, the fear had begun.
In a panic, he began to shout.
Only to hear the sea scream back.
Laughter rings from the sea floor.
His worst fear had come true, his stomach began to twist
the sea had become black, nowhere to hide.
He tries to find the light, hoping it has not vanished.
Fighting to get to the surface, not knowing he cannot make it.
He then feels something grab him.
as he gets pulled to the bottom, he loses all hope.
the dark abyss has consumed him.

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